Risk Declaration and Disclaimer of Liability

All content of the internet platform www.icemarketpartners.com and its subordinate sites (hereinafter referred to as the ‘platform’) are for purely informational purposes. The contents of the platform do not represent investment advice or encouragement to purchase or sell currencies, CFDs, futures, shares, options, derivatives, general securities and other financial instruments. While every care has been taken, no responsibility can be accepted for the correctness, accuracy or completeness of the information recorded herein. All prognoses or opinions expressed on the future development of exchange rates and trading activities undertaken represent solely the opinion of those expressing them. Prognoses contain no form of guarantee and represent, be it directly or indirectly, neither a promise of future profit nor an inducement to emulation.

ICE Market Partners LLP states explicitly that trading in currencies, CFDs, shares, derivatives, options, futures, general securities and other financial instruments brings with it not only opportunities, but also considerable risks. The ICE Market Partners service is intended solely for experienced investors and is classified as highly speculative in terms of risk taken. Opportunities for profit are therefore accompanied by a correspondingly high risk of loss. Stock-market and OTC (over-the-counter) activities, and in particular forward transactions, bring with them the risk of loss of the entire amount of capital invested, as well as further losses (e.g. reserve liability in the event that loss exceeds capital invested). Only capital should be used that is not necessary for day-to-day existence. Any performance (value development) of a trading strategy described, which has achieved its goal, is no indicator of performance that may be achieved in the future. The further development of exchange rates cannot be predicted. This also relates to the stated performance of the individual strategies, expert advisors, manual and semi-automated trading systems.

The trading strategies offered in the form of system components for personal trading systems and the signals generated by the systems do not represent a recommendation or inducement to trade on financial markets, nor do they represent investment advice or an inducement to purchase or sell currencies, CFDs, options, or other financial instruments. While the greatest of care has been taken, no responsibility can be accepted for the correctness, accuracy or completeness of the information recorded herein. Any prognoses or other predictions of future developments in exchange rates and trading activities made by third parties (e.g. users or signal providers) represent solely the personal opinion of those expressing it and ICE Market Partners accepts no responsibility for the correctness, completeness and legality of the contents thereof. In the event that a user opens a position on the basis of their personally configured trading system, trading strategies and signals offered, then they do so at their own discretion and at their own risk.

All orders for financial products, whether traded on- or off-exchange, that have been generated from the user’s personally configured trading programme shall be deemed to have been personally issued and authorised by the user. The user shall accept full responsibility and bear all consequences from the use of their personal trading system, as utilised via ICE Market Partners. ICE Market Partners takes no responsibility for any incorrect orders. The user is aware of the fact that he bears sole responsibility for the results of their personal trading programme. ICE Market Partners takes no responsibility for losses, as well as any other costs and expenses, incurred through use of a personalised system.

Neither ICE Market Partners nor any of its contractual partners give any guarantee of the profitability of trading with a personal trading system that has been configured via the ICE Market Partners services. In addition to this, ICE Market Partners, as the bearer of technology, bears no liability for losses incurred by the customer due to delays and other omissions that are the responsibility of a third party (e.g. CyberTrade as provider of this service or a brokering partner). Over and above this, ICE Market Partners explicitly bears no liability for strategies and trading signals provided by signal providers.